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Available in 6 7 Vivid Neon Colours



NEW for 2017


A proper UV white glow. Not a pale blue!

For the first time there is a now UV Neon paint which glows a 'proper' snow-white.


Note: This colour of UV Neon performs best under a strong UV LED light source to fully activate the UV white glow.




STARGLOW Paints are designed to be very durable, highly versatile and long-lasting (several years+) and suitable for most Interior and limited exterior uses.

STARGLOW Paints are used and trusted by many Organisations throughout the World, as well as in countless homes, Schools and Universities.

Manufactured in the UK to comply with all current EU Safety Regulations. STARGLOW Paints are Safe, Solvent-Free, Non-Toxic and virtually Odourless. 

UV Neon XL paints require a UV Black light to reveal their neon colour but will not Glow-in-the-Dark without UV light.

UV Neon XL Paints perform best with Fluorescent tube, UV Bulb and UV Canon based Black lights.

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  Suitable for use on...
 Wood  Glass
 Metal  Fabric
 Plastic  Masonry
or any other white / primed surface


Water-Based Acrylic
Quick-Drying & Solvent Free
Can be used Inside or Outside
Brushes Wash-Out in Water
ECO-Safe / Low VOCs
Made in the UK







to see our FULL Range of  Products