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A new range of light-reflecting clear coating, made using high-index microscopic glass beads, which when hit by a beam of light, reflect the light back at the source to sparkle back like thousands of tiny cats-eyes, a characteristic which makes it an idea 'safety' paint.

STARGLOW Reflective Paints are made using a Safe and Non-Toxic Water-Based Acrylic Formulation and as such, are very tough and more than equal to solvent based formulations

Reflective materials have traditionally been used mainly in Traffic Signs and Safety Clothing Applications, but as people have become more craft orientated and resourceful, STARGLOW Reflective Paints are now being used for many new and innovative applications.

Manufactured in the UK to comply with all current EU Safety Regulations. STARGLOW Paints are Safe, Solvent-Free, Non-Toxic and virtually Odourless. 

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  Suitable for use on...
 Wood  Glass
 Metal  Fabric
 Plastic  Masonry
or any other white / primed surface



  A Great Paint for...
Clothing & Fabrics

Infrared Reflection
Path Edge Marking

Sign Making

Obstacle Marking

Gate Posts


Lamp Posts

Rocks & Protrusions







to see our FULL Range of  Products