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Developed and produced in the UK by GLOWTEC. STARGLOW Pixie Paint™ is a brand new type of clear paint made with a new kind of tiny glowing stars which add an exciting new dimension to Children's Interior Design. 

Pixie Paint contains thousands of tiny ultra-bright glowing crystals, which when charged with artificial or day light, will glow just like real stars. At night this invisible magical starry paint, will transform any plain or textured white surface, into a magical vista of shining stars.

Manufactured in the UK to comply with all current EU Safety Regulations. STARGLOW Paints are Safe, Solvent-Free, Non-Toxic and virtually Odourless. 

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This Paint is not suitable for outdoor use



Paper lantern paint with Pixie Paint


Wall mural employing Pixie Paint



Clear-Base Slightly Textured
Long 12+ Hour Glow Time
A One Coat 'Blanket of Stars'
Unique 3D Depth Effect
Safe and Non-Toxic
A Solvent-Free, Water-Based
Glows & Recharges Indefinitely
Lasts for many years
Manufactured in the UK


Water-Based Acrylics
Quick-Drying & Solvent Free
Brushes Wash-Out in Water
ECO-Safe / Low VOCs
Made in the UK


STARGLOW Paints are Guaranteed for 10 Years




  Size   Price £
  120ml   £ 14.99
  240ml   £ 19.99
  350ml   £ 29.99
  500ml   £ 39.99
  1 Litre   £ 64.99

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to see our FULL Range of  Products