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A totally NEW Water-Based HI-VIZ Safety Paint providing all-round visibility, be it Light or Dark. This unique Dual-Glow Smart Paint is achieved using a unique combination of Fluorescent and Phosphorescent technologies.

When fully charged, this paint will glow* in complete darkness for several hours.


   Ideal for use on....
  Bollards   Route Markers
  Obstacles   Trip Hazards
  Tools   Gates & Posts

   For Anglers...

  Floats  Lures/Spinner
  Tackle  Bite Indicators

  For Sailors...

  Steps  Safety Rails
  Ropes  Trip Hazards



  Suitable for Painting on...
  Wood  Glass
  Metal  Fabrics
  Plastic  Masonry
Use on any white / primed surface


Why Fluorescent Yellow?

Fluorescent yellow is the most visible (easily discernable) colour across all lighting conditions and it is especially good in Moonlight!

This is why Hi-Viz Safety Jackets are Fluorescent Yellow with good reason.

The visually impaired also find this the easiest colour to see.



Yellow-on-White for Visually Impaired


Yellow-on-White. Night Glow*


Yellow-on-Black. High Contrast


Yellow-on-Black. Night Glow*


* The glow performance of this paint is dependent on UV (present in daylight and most artificial light) to charge the phosphorescent component and requires complete darkness for the glow to be seen.


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60ml £ 14.99
  120ml £ 24.99
  240ml £ 44.99
  500ml £ 79.99
  1Litre £ 120.00

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 STARGLOW Paints are Guaranteed for 10 Years


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to see our FULL Range of  Products