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 Available in 2 colours and in 2 sizes

Made from non-toxic acrylic resin compound and STARGLOW crystals, these amazing plastic pebbles can glow all night long and will look fabulous in any indoor or outdoor garden water-feature, aquarium or fish tank or even a driveway!

At night, the pebbles natural glow will gently illuminate your Aquarium in much the same way as the Moon and Stars would cast their own gentle glow, over the waters of the fish's natural habitat.

During the daytime, STARGLOW Pebbles absorb natural light, slowly releasing this stored light energy throughout the night and can perform this cycle thousands of times over many years.  Best of all, STARGLOW Pebbles are Eco-Friendly, requiring no electrical power supply, as well as being completely non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-polluting.

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Nature's own Nite-Lite
Gentle Glows for Several Hours
100% Weather & Water Proof
Completely Safe & Non-Toxic
Eco-Friendly & Non-Polluting
Charges on light. Lasts for years
Ideal for use in Aquariums
Available in 2 Sizes in 2 Colours







to see our FULL Range of  Products