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Glow Jar made with 1 pinch of Pixie Dust



Fairy Jars are very simple and quick to make and make wonderful gifts for children and adults alike.

As they are made using STARGLOW technology; they'll glow all night long and last for many years. We have 2 New Kits available, each kit uses a different method to produce these amazing glowing jars.

For more information and specifications of Fairy Glow Jars, please see our main desktop web site:



Each Post makes up to 20 Glow Jars


Glow Painted Fairy Jars with a child's name



Charges on Light  
Glow / Recharges Indefinitely  
Long 12+ Hours Glow Time  
Lasts for Many Years  
Safe and Non-Toxic  





Kit Includes: 10g Fairy-Dust and 60ml Clear Particle Bond.


£ 14.99

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Kit Includes: 30ml Green and 30ml Aqua Glow Paint and Applicator.


£ 19.99

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to see our FULL Range of  Products