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A new range of 96 self-adhesive luminous fret markers for all 6/12 string Guitars and Bass Guitars.

Precision made in the UK using STARGLOW Very-High-Performance, Low-Profile, self-adhesive vinyl which can Glow-in-the-Dark for several hours and last up to 20 years! 

This all-inclusive set contains 96 Fret Markers in a range of sizes and shapes, enough to do several guitars.

For best results, before playing live ensure the markers are fully charged to the desired level. 

Fret-Finders will also glow brightly under UV stage lighting.   

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BASS Guitar with long Fret Finders fitted

Player-eye-view shows glowing fret positions






Suitable for use on....

BASS Guitars
6 String Guitars
12 String Guitars
Mandolins etc

Electric or Acoustic






  Fender Strat' fitted with a full set of short Fret-Finders and control-knob position markers





      Short Fret-Finders tucked in close behind fret so       as not to catch or interfere with your playing





Covering the facing markers with hand when charging,    means only the top 'player-eye-view' position markers  will glow visibly.





STARGLOW Fret Finders

A set of 96 Precision-cut luminous fret markers for 4/6/12 Guitars.
Easy-to-Fit (or remove) in seconds
No modifications or wiring necessary
Ultra-low profile (0.2mm)
Extra strong (removable) non-slip adhesive
Can glow as brightly (or as dim) as required
Glow for hours - and last for years






BASS Guitar with long Fret Finders fitted



BASS Guitar with DOT Fret Finders fitted




Acoustic Guitar with DOT Fret Finders fitted



Player-eye-view of small DOT Fret Finders



Acoustic Guitar with DOT Fret Finders fitted



Ultra-low-Profile means no catching on the strings.





Fret Finder Specifications

  Guitar types 4 / 6 / 12
  Day Colour Pale Green
  Glow Colour Green
  Thickness 0.2mm
  Long Fret Marker  (x 12) 30 x 3mm 
  Short Fret Marker  (x 12) 20 x 3mm 
  Tab Fret Marker  (x15) 6 x 3mm
  Dash Fret Marker  (x15) 5 x 2mm
  Round Marker  (x18) 6mm
  Small Round Marker (x24) 3mm





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to see our FULL Range of  Products