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 The Original Cosmic Ceiling created 2003


Create your own cosmic masterpiece on any plain white ceiling (flat or textured).

Amazingly it remains invisible during the daytime but glows magically all night long.  Breathtaking artwork like this, is enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike.  

Surprisingly, this stunning effect is relatively simple to create (once you know how to of course) and the effect lasts all night long.

STARGLOW Cosmic Ceiling Kits contain everything you need to produce your own cosmic masterpiece, including a hands-free Ultra-Violet Blacklight to reveal your artwork as you paint and a mains UV Blacklight to charge up your cosmic ceiling for a spectacular cosmic effect.

Easy-to-follow instructions and Ceiling Designs are included in each kit. Go on. Have a go!




Create Amazing Cosmic Effects
Shooting Stars & Comets
Milky Way
Cosmic Gas Clouds
Cosmic Nebulea
Astrological Star Signs


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Completely Re-useable Kits
Coverage: 1-2 Ceilings
Invisible in the Daytime
Glows for Several Hours
Lasts for Many years
Original Multi-Colour System


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to see our FULL Range of  Products